All About T-Away Essential Oil Blend

Animal Scents T-Away essential oil blend helps our four legged friends calm their mind and body. During times of stress or excitement, it is very useful for the pet and the human.

We sometimes forget that our pets have some of the same emotions as humans, including tension, stress, and negative thoughts.

The sweet aroma resembles the Peace and Calming blend. It will help your dog relax as well as make them smell amazing when applied topically.

T-Away truly amazed me when I started using it. I couldn’t believe how well it worked with my dogs. It is one of the best performing oils I have ever seen.

Let’s get into what is in T-Away and how to use it. But first, pin this page for later.

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What’s in T-Away?

T-Away has Lavender, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, German Chamomile, Valerian, Ylang Ylang, Davana, Rue, Patchouli, Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, and Palmarosa. These oils help relax your pet from the intense situation they might be facing.

T-Away also has Frankincense, Black Spruce, Geranium, Coriander, Blue Tansy, Bergamot, and Rose, help them put positive thoughts in their head so they feel like they can do anything with confidence.

The Tangerine, Orange, and Lemon also help promote positive thoughts and add a pleasant sweet aroma that makes the oil enjoyable to smell.

How To Use T-Away

For smaller pets, dilute with a carrier oil then apply to their paw, back of the head, or back of the ears. The oil is very potent when used undiluted and might be too strong for smaller dogs and cats.

For bigger pets, turn the bottle upside down with your finger over the top of the bottle. Flip the bottle right side up and use the oil that is on your finger to apply to your pets paw, back of the head, or back of the ears.

Diffuse during the day to help relax your pet with the sweet aroma. It is a pleasant scent for your pet and for you.

Within 30 minutes your pet will be relaxed and ready for whatever stressful task they have next – whether it be a walk, a car ride, greeting visitors, or a nap.

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