All About Christmas Spirit Essential Oil Blend

Christmas Spirit essential oil blend is a festive essential oil created by Young Living. This oil has a sweet and spicy aroma with a woodsy background.

This essential oil blend is the best oil to use for an uplifting and festive feeling.

This essential oil blend is so popular that it sells out during the holiday season. It’s best to buy this blend before it goes out of stock.

There are many ways to use Christmas Spirit to its fullest potential. Let’s learn how to use Christmas Spirit and what oils are in this wonderful blend. But first, pin this page for later.

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What is in Christmas Spirit Essential Oil Blend?

  • Orange adds the sweetness in Christmas Spirit. Orange is a bright and uplifting oil, which is why Christmas Spirit is known for its mood boosting aroma.
  • Cinnamon Bark gives Christmas Spirit a spicy aroma that is extremely popular during the festive season. Cinnamon Bark is also an uplifting oil.
  • Northern Lights Black Spruce provides a woodsy base that gives this blend a perfect balance. This strong woodsy oil plays a big part in this blend despite having the smallest amount of oil in the blend.

Three Ways to Use Christmas Spirit

  • Diffuse during the holiday season for a great festive aroma.
  • Add to your favorite skincare products or soap for a fun Christmassy scent.
  • Put a few drops into a warm bath for a cozy and relaxing festive feeling.

Three Ways I Use Christmas Spirit

  • Whenever I want a more woodsy, spicy, or sweet aroma, I love to blend Christmas Spirit with other festive oils such as Pine, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Orange, Peppermint, and Cinnamon Bark to enhance the festive aroma.
  • Every year I get one bottle of Young Living Shower Gel Base and add Christmas Spirit to it for a festive body wash and shampoo.
  • I put a few drops of Christmas Spirit on my wrists before I leave the house to take the festive aroma with me.
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