All About Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oil is my favorite citrus oil. In fact, it was the oil that made me want to join Young Living. (Read more about my Young Living story.)

Its sweet aroma smells just like the juicy fruit itself. Orange oil fosters a sense of peace and harmony and inspires creativity.

The first time I smelled orange oil, I was sold. When I researched orange oil, I found a lot of interesting information about where it comes from and its benefits and uses. Here’s what I discovered.

Where This Oil Comes From

Did you know that orange trees are native to Asia? Young Living grows some of its orange trees in Asia, but most of the oranges it uses are grown in Brazil.

How It’s Made

This bright and refreshing oil is extracted from the rinds of oranges via a cold-press process.

Popular Blends Containing Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oil is an important component of popular Young Living blends such as Citrus Fresh, Abundance, Christmas Spirit, and Peace & Calming.

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Three Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

  • Orange can give you a bright boost of aroma for a productive morning.
  • After a tough day at work, diffusing Orange can help you decompress and relax before your nighttime routine.
  • You can use Orange Vitality in drinks or recipes to add a nice orange flavor.

Three Ways I Use Orange Essential Oil

  • I like to use orange after a stressful day. I diffuse it to clear my mind from the weight of the day. Orange helps to soothe my thoughts when my brain feels fried.
  • I make my own DIY Orange Cream body wash for a relaxing shower before I go to bed.
  • I add a drop of Orange Vitality to my Ningxia Zing and Ningxia Red to make a delicious orange flavored Ningxia drink.

Bonus Uses

  • Add orange oil to your Thieves cleaner or Thieves Laundry detergent for a scent boost and extra cleaning power.
  • Inhale orange straight from the bottle to reset your energy.
  • Apply orange to your wrists to carry the sweet, uplifting scent with you throughout the day.

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Orange Essential Oil Uses


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