All About PanAway Essential Oil Blend

My body feels tired after exercise or manual labor. PanAway essential oil blend provides a cooling sensation to the skin as well as relaxes tired muscles. In fact, Young Living’s Cool Azul pain relief cream contains some of the same ingredients as PanAway.

PanAway is one of the first essential oils I used when I was an athlete. The oil always helped to recover my muscles after a long day at the soccer fields.

This oil blend is extremely strong and should be diluted with a carrier oil if used on sensitive skin.

PanAway is one of the twelve essential oils that come in Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit.

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What’s in PanAway Essential Oil Blend?

  • Wintergreen and Peppermint make the aroma extremely powerful and provides a relaxing coolness when used. They also help to relieve stress from your tired muscles.
  • Helichrysum complements the scent of wintergreen very well and is very popular to use in a post workout massage.
  • Clove also helps to relax your muscles after a long and tiring workout.

Three Ways to Use PanAway

  • Dilute with carrier oil and apply topically after a workout to sooth your muscles.
  • Add PanAway to a carrier oil (I like grape seed oil or coconut oil) to make a massage oil to use after physical activity.
  • Apply topically for a relaxing, cooling sensation.

Three Ways I Use PanAway

  • After a soccer game I apply PanAway to my tired muscles for a quicker recovery.
  • When I sleep in a wrong position, I will use PanAway on my neck.
  • On hot summer days I really like the cooling feeling of PanAway when I apply it topically to my skin.

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