All About Raven Essential Oil Blend

Raven Essential Oil Blend is a minty essential oil with a background of sweetness.

This essential oil can be used to help yourself wind down before bedtime. It’s also great to use during winter months.

Raven is one of the twelve essential oils that come in Young Livings Premium Starter Kit.

Let’s get into what is in Raven and how to use it. But first, pin this information for later.

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What is in Raven Essential Oil Blend?

  • Ravintsara and Eucalyptus Radiata both have a sharp aroma that almost resembles a cough drop. These oils are great before bedtime and for uplifting your mood.
  • Wintergreen and Peppermint obviously add the minty aroma in Raven. These oils help promote relaxation. They are also great to use during winter months which is why Raven is a very popular oil to use during that time.
  • Lemon adds the little background of sweetness in the Raven Essential Oil Blend. Lemon is excellent for boosting your mood during times of stress or bad thoughts. This oil compliments the oils of Ravintsara and Eucalyptus Radiata very well to make Raven an uplifting blend.

Three Ways to Use Raven 

  • Diffusing Raven creates an aroma that helps you breathe better. Adding a touch of Raven under your nose and on your chest can also help you breathe.
  • Raven is great for providing comfort and coziness during winter months.
  • Diffuse Raven at bedtime for a relaxing and grounding aroma.

Three Ways I Use Raven

  • I diffuse Raven during the Winter for the sweet and minty aroma. The fresh minty scent goes well with the holiday season.
  • I also diffuse Raven whenever I need comfort while I’m stuck in bed.
  • Raven is very relaxing and therefore I use it at night to help wind myself down.
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