All About Valor Essential Oil Blend

Valor is a Young Living essential oil blend and is one of the most popular Young Living blends. The Valor blend has the perfect mix of sweet and woodsy aroma.

Valor was one of the first essential oils I used when I discovered oils and it has helped me tremendously.

The oil has the nickname “courage in a bottle” due to the way the oil enhances courage when diffused or applied topically.

Valor is one of the twelve essential oils that come in Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit.

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What’s In Valor?

Valor essential oil blend has five ingredients

  • Black Spruce helps you stay focused and calm during high pressure situations.
  • Geranium also helps you stay calm and grounded during times of stress.
  • Blue Tansy gives Valor its dark blue color as well as promoting feelings of confidence.
  • Frankincense helps promote feelings of empowerment and positive thoughts.
  • Camphor helps to promote a soothing feeling during times of stress.

History Of Valor

Valor has an incredibly rich history dating back many centuries.

The ingredients in Valor were used by the Roman soldiers before going into battle.

They would use them topically or in bathhouses the night before battles to help their emotional mindsets.

The Valor blend would give the soldiers the sense of courage and empowerment they needed to fight their battles with no fear and a lot of confidence. As we all know, the Romans ruled the world for many centuries.

Three Ways To Use Valor

  • Apply to the back of your neck and wrists before doing something stressful like a job interview, important meeting, etc.
  • Valor can help wind you down before bedtime when diffused or applied topically.
  • Valor is great for massages. Mix with a carrier oil and use for a relaxing and grounding massage.

Three Ways I Use Valor

  • I used Valor the back of my neck and wrists before every soccer game I had to give myself the courage and confidence boost I needed. Now I use it whenever I know i’m going into a stressful situation.
  • I love to use Valor before I go to bed. It brings me down from the crazy day I’ve had.
  • Valor helps me focus so I love to diffuse Valor when I work. It makes me want to get work done and keeps me from getting distracted.
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