All About White Angelica Essential Oil Blend

White Angelica is a Young Living essential oil blend that has a sweet floral scent that creates a positive atmosphere and gets rid of negative energy, no matter what the day brings.

Despite its name, White Angelica actually doesn’t have Angelica essential oil in it. However, Young Living does have an Angelica essential oil single that is made from the Angelica root that has a much earthier relaxing scent. 

White Angelica has many ingredients and benefits. Lets learn what is in White Angelica and how I use it. But first pin this information for later.

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What’s in White Angelica Essential Oil?

  • The White Angelica blend consists of ten essential oils, which are grown in exotic areas all over the planet.
  • Geranium, Ylang Ylang, and Rose provide a sweet and floral scent.
  • Bergamot and Melissa add a burst of fresh citrus.
  • Myrrh, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Hyssop, and Sacred Sandalwood balance the floral and citrus scent with a warm, woodsy bottom note.

Three Benefits of White Angelica

  • If you struggle with a negative mindset, diffuse White Angelica to get rid of the negative and doubtful thoughts in your head.
  • White Angelica works well for maintaining healthy skin when applied topically. You can add a drop or two of White Angelica to lotion to pamper your skin.
  • White Angelica is a great oil for meditation and yoga. Diffuse or apply topically to enhance your yoga and meditation sessions.

Three Ways I Use White Angelica

  • I use White Angelica to rid myself of negative energy. If I wake up grumpy or don’t want to work, I diffuse it to release that negative voice in my head. As a result, it puts me in the right state of mind to work hard even when I don’t want to.
  • I mix White Angelica in a diffuser with woodsy oils such as Northern Lights Black Spruce or Cypress. This adds a little sweetness to the strong woodsy scents.
  • I blend White Angelica with citrus oils such as Orange, Tangerine, Citrus Fresh, or Lemon. It creates a really sweet smelling scent whenever I need a super strong scent to drown out a bad odor.

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White Angelica Essential Oil Blend

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