DIY Orange Cream Essential Oil Body Wash

One of the best things about using essential oils is creating your own scented products that don’t contain toxic, synthetic fragrance. My favorite essential oil DIY is my Orange Cream body wash.

It’s super easy to make and contains skin safe ingredients. I use this orange cream body wash as part of my “wind down” bedtime routine.

Usually we think of citrus scents as being bright and uplifting, but the blend of orange essential oil and Stress Away essential oil blend creates a perfectly relaxing enviroment.

Let’s talk about why this orange cream body wash is an important part of my nighttime routine.

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Orange Essential Oil Provides Emotional Support

Orange essential oil provides emotional support by fostering a peaceful, happy spirit. The sweet citrus scent is uplifting and refreshing.

When I’ve had an intense day, orange essential oil is one of the first oils I put in my diffuser.

Stress Away Essential Oil Blend Supports Emotional Balance

Stress Away is a Young Living exclusive essential oil blend. It contains copaiba, lime, cedarwood, ocotea, and lavender essential oils, as well as vanilla. The smell of Stress Away is amazing.

The oils in Stress Away work together to promote relaxation and calm the mind.

How to Make Orange Cream Essential Oil Body Wash

If you’re ready to relax and drift off to dreamland with the yummy scent of orange cream you’ll want to try this recipe.

Orange Cream Body Wash Recipe


1 bottle of Young Living Bath and Shower Gel Base

25 drops of Orange Essential Oil

15 drops of Stress Away Essential Oil Blend


Place the drops of Orange and Stress Away directly into the bottle of Bath and Shower Gel base.

Shake well.

Enjoy your new favorite body wash!

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Orange Cream Body Wash

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