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What are essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts. They come from various parts of different plants such as flowers, trees, roots, rinds, herbs, etc.

Why should I use essential oils?

Here are several reasons to use essential oils:

  • To reduce toxic fragrances in your home
  • To replace toxic cleaners in your home
  • To support healthy body systems (endocrine system, circulatory system, respiratory system, immune system, and more)
  • To support healthy emotions and soothe tension
  • To enhance spirituality

Are essential oils safe?

Here are some important resources regarding essential oil safety:

What are the Young Living membership requirements?

To remain a member of Young Living you are required to purchase 50PV (which usually equates to $50 USD) each year. That’s it!

What if I don’t want to build a business with Young Living?

There is no requirement for any Young Living member to build a business with Young Living.

Can I just be a retail customer?

Yes. However, you will pay more for your essential oils and products and be unable to take advantage of important distributor benefits such as Essential Rewards, discounted shipping, some free monthly promos, and the ability to get paid for sharing the oils with others.

Do I have to sell Young Living products or build a business if I join as a distributor?

Absolutely not! The only requirements to join as a distributor and receive distributor benefits are as follows: Purchase a starter kit and spend at least 50PV per year. (The 50PV requirement for membership is covered by a premium starter kit purchase, so you don’t have to buy anything else for a whole year. Couldn’t be simpler!)

See, not all Young Living distributors decide to build a business. Of course, one of the benefits of joining as a distributor is that you can create an income through Young Living if you desire. However, you will never be pressured by Young Living or by me to build a business if you don’t want to.

(Young Living Income Disclosure)

What are the benefits of being a distributor if I don’t want to sell oils?

Young Living distributor benefits include the opportunity to do the following:

  • Purchase a premium starter kit
  • Receive a discount of 24% off retail pricing
  • Join the Essential Rewards program and receive product credit and free oils

How do I join Young Living as a distributor?

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Is Essential Rewards required to be a Young Living distributor?

No, joining Essential Rewards is a not a requirement of being Young Living member or distributor. It’s a huge benefit, however, and I recommend it to everyone. I joined Essential Rewards right away after joining Young Living to maximize my membership.

What is Essential Rewards?

Watch this video and visit the Young Living Essential Rewards info page to learn about the amazing benefits of Essential Rewards.

Young Living Essential Rewards Info Page

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