Top Five Essential Oils for Winter

To help combat the winter blues, I have created my top five essential oils for winter.

Winter is a tough season for most people. The cold air causes dry skin, the trees and plants are colorless and lifeless, and the high from Christmas is taken away as we fall back into reality.

These five essential oils will help to boost your mood during the winter season. Some will also help to combat dry skin and bring a cozy vibe to your home.

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5. Lavender

Lavender is the swiss army knife of essential oils. The oil has many uses, including helping combat dry and itchy skin. Apply topically to the dry spot on your skin to help comfort the spot.

4. White Angelica

White Angelica is the best essential oil to boost your mood when you’re down. The sweet and floral aroma helps to combat the winter blues. White Angelica is also helps to brighten your skin when applied topically.

3. Orange

Orange is an uplifting oil that can help pick you up from the bland and boring dead of winter. The sweetness of orange helps to brighten your mood when you feel the season is bringing you down. Diffusing orange is the best way to brighten your day, but taking it internally with a veggie capsule is also a great way to help boost your mood.

 2.Northern Lights Black Spruce

Northern Lights Black Spruce is excellent to diffuse during winter because of how cozy it is. The warm woodsy aroma will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Northern Lights Black Spruce will make you forget about how cold and baron your surroundings are and will instead make you feel cozy while you’re under your blanket with a hot drink.

Honorable Mention – Joy

Joy has a sweet aroma that is excellent for uplifting the energy in the room. The name speaks for itself, it will fill anyone with joy whenever they need it.

1. Raven

Raven has a sweet and minty aroma. The lemon in raven is an uplifting oil just like orange. The peppermint and wintergreen give the oil a nice winter aroma. The eucalyptus radiata adds a earthy and sweet background. Raven is not only great for mood boosting, but also for helping your breathe when the cold gets to your sinuses.



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